We use carbon dioxide as a propellant in all spray cans for several reasons:

Non-flammable propellant
– Greater user security  
– Fewer storage restrictions
– Many products are not subject to labeling.

Larger particle size   
– Less harmful aerosol mist
– Greater user security
– Minimal risk of solvents being absorbed into the body

96% active product content – 4% propellant because carbon dioxide is filled in liquid form.   
– More valute for the money
– More concentrated in use
– Less waste

Less environmental impact
– The GWP value for carbon dioxide is 1
– GWP for propane / butane is 3
(GWP = Global Warming Potential) 

No VOC propellant
Because carbon dioxide is a non-volatile propellant and therefore does not emit VOC    
– Better working environment
– Better environmental profile

Environmentally friendly propellant
Because it is a surplus product from the production of ammonia
– Less environmental impact

Better low temperature properties
Because pressurized carbon dioxide has a much smaller drop point compared to propane / butane in cold environments

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