All of our Just Spray It products are delivered as aerosol sprays as a safety fuel. After the prohibited CFC gases disappeared they were largely replaced by so-called “environmentally friendly” spray cans using butane / propane gas (also called lighter gas) as propellant.

Butane and propane gases represent a major fire and explosion hazard. For safety reasons, Just Spray It uses only carbon dioxide/CO2 as a propellant. Carbon dioxide is non-combustible and completely harmless to humans and the environment. Because we use CO2 as a safety fuel and employ raw materials as environmentally friendly and with a high flash point as possible, the majority of our products are not subject to labeling and thus much safer to use.

A large part of our products are developed and customized with the customer’s own label. That is, the product appears as the customer’s own brand name as “private label”.

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Our product range is constantly expanding and changing in our quest to achieve the goal of being an eco-friendly supplier that makes life easier and safer for our customers. So please contact us if you want to learn more about our products.

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