1L – 250 ml


PRE-Cleaner has unique cleansing properties and will easily remove grease, oil, dirt, and marks, eg, fenders, and water.
PRE-Cleaner can be used on all surfaces of Batan or rubber and RIBs. The product can also be used on rubber, plastic, metal, stainless steel, aluminum, chromium, copper, painted surfaces and even wood surfaces – both above and below vattanlinjen. Perfect for light cleaning before the season and regular cleaning of Batan.

We recommend that you use the product after cleaning Lion Protect GRP Sealing for optimal protection of your boat during the season, and before any winter storage.

Also removes minor scratches. Works incredibly easily into gelcoat pores and gives a brilliant shine. paled surfaces regains its original color and is extremely UV resistant. Easy to apply – provide time saving of about 50%.

SDS LionProtect Pre-Cleaner_DK_v1-0_CLP

SDS LionProtect Pre-Cleaner_SE_1.0_CLP

SDS LionProtect Pre-Cleaner Liter_EN_2.0_CLP

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